Irene (I.) Kroezen

Attorney at law

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Irene has been employed at Delissen Martens since March 2019. She focuses on the international aspects of the family law practice. Irene provides advice in various international case dossiers concerning divorce, maintenance cases, matters relating to matrimonial property law and disputes about the children.

What is the motivation that drives her as a lawyer?

“Helping people who have a legal conflict, whereby sufficient attention is also paid to the emotional aspects of a case. Furthermore, I think that it is important to take the future of clients into consideration, so that they are able to get on with their lives in the best possible way.”

She attaches great importance to her surroundings, which also applies to her clients. “I am very much involved in the cases I conduct. A legal conflict can be very stressful and emotional. I am very much aware of the impact thereof. I therefore try, with as much sympathy and understanding as possible to look for the best possible solution for a client.”

She is not only sympathetic and committed, she also acts in a resolute manner. “I try to discover exactly what a case is about; in order to find out what is actually going on and how I can help my client in the best possible way.”

Irene has acquired extensive work experience with the international side of family law, because she worked for some years at the International Child Abduction Centre. During this period she was mainly engaged in cross-border mediation, giving legal advice and in European projects concerning child abduction. Because of this she has extensive experience with international parties and appreciates cultural differences.

In addition, Irene has been employed by the Court of Appeal in The Hague as a legal assistant. “Through my work at the Court of Appeal I have gained insight in the manner in which judicial family-law decisions are made, which enables me to consider a case from two angles and to give a good advice about the possible outcome.”

Irene characterized in three words

 Honourable, resolute, committed

Curriculum of Irene


University of Amsterdam, 2015