Shaima (S.) Bouzhou


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Since October 2018 Shaima has been employed as a paralegal, specializing in migration law. Her sense of justice, and her ambition to make a contribution to the legal system are the starting points of her personal drive and motivation . Shaima has strong analytical skills, she looks at cases in a pragmatic manner and does not leave any room for imperfections. She has a goal-oriented approach and works in a clear and orderly fashion.

In 2017, Shaima has completed successfully her master’s degree programme in international law (specialist area: human rights) at Maastricht University and has acquired work experience at international (human rights) organisations, where her duties included work in the field of human rights of, in particular, foreign nationals and native groups for, for instance, the United Nations. And she has also worked for an international organisation as a communication officer. Furthermore, she has lived in Los Angeles and  has attended a course in migration law there. This experience has not only contributed to her personal development regarding judgement of character and her set of values, but it also created a preference for migration law in connection with human rights.

Area of Practice

Migration Law


Maastricht University, 2017


Dutch, English, Spanish, Moroccan-Arabic