Important information

Legal form

Delissen Martens Advocaten en Belastingadviseurs B.V. (attorneys-at-law and tax consultants) is a Private Limited Company, consisting of six legal persons. A list of these legal persons will be sent on request.
Dutch Chamber of Commerce number 27318862
Dutch VAT number NL8195.34.365.B01


Sportlaan 40
2566 LB The Hague
Postbus 18598
2502 EN The Hague
The Netherlands
T +31 70 311 54 11
F +31 70 311 54 12

Cooperative working arrangement

Delissen Martens Advocaten has entered into a cooperative working arrangement with Ruud van den Dool (RPD Fiscaal B.V.), Jan van Zuuren and René Willemsen. Ruud van den Dool, Jan van Zuuren and René Willemsen perform their work at their own risk and expense subject to the condition that their work is covered by the professional liability insurance taken out by Delissen Martens.

Professional organisation

All lawyers employed at Delissen Martens are a member of the Netherlands Bar Association (Orde van Advocaten) and observe the rules of professional practice and codes of conduct of this organisation. These rules and codes can be requested from the Netherlands Bar Association.

Professional liability

The lawyers and Of Counsel of Delissen Martens have a professional liability insurance policy. Information about this insurance policy is available to clients.

Client identification

Lawyers are obliged to verify a Client's identity on the basis of a legal proof of identity or an extract from the Chamber of Commerce. The Legal Profession Regulation and the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act apply.

Complaints and dispute settlement procedure

Delissen Martens  has an office complaints procedure for handling complaints.