About us

Transparent and involved

We like to do our work properly. Even better, every day. That is why we are transparent about how we act, according to what you think of us. Once your case is finalised, you can evaluate our services. By publishing the results live on our website, we create extra involvement – in you as a client, but also amongst ourselves. Positive feedback makes us proud of what we achieve for you, which leads to a strengthening of the team spirit – together and with our clients. We learn from critical responses, which enables us to further improve our service level.

Flexible and vigorous

We are also transparent in the innovative manner in which we share knowledge: through weblogs, seminars and by making models available free of charge. Since the introduction of Duurzaamwerken@DM (sustainable work practices), we have fully flexible working arrangements and collaboration with you is seamless. In this process, we increasingly fulfil an interconnecting role, where showing real interest, personal attention and trust are paramount. To be able to embrace this fully, we devote much attention to our vitality and energy. Mental and physical fitness is important to us, so that we are even better able to assist you.

10th anniversary of Delissen Martens

On 1 June 2018, Delissen Martens celebrates its 10th anniversary. Following the merger in 2008, two small law offices have since grown into a medium-sized law firm with a legal team of around 60 people. A law office where innovation, transparency, collaboration, vitality and energy are the key elements. Over the past year, we have organised various events for and together with clients, our legal team and partners.