Service providers in optima forma

We are an energetic team of problem solvers. Very different issues are shaped and given meaning on a daily basis by our passion and drive. With a sincere and genuine interest in your case, we apply a multidisciplinary approach from all possible areas of law. Your interest comes first and it is of great importance to us to perform in the best possible way. We work together from a fundamentally positive attitude: informal, accessible and creative. As a team and together with our clients, who are part of our team, that is how we make a difference.

Lawyers/Tax advisors

Merienke (M.M.) Zwaan-Stroband Merienke (M.M.) Zwaan-Stroband Attorney at law/partner
René (R.) Willemsen René (R.) Willemsen Attorney at law/partner
Carene (C.M.H.) van Vliet Carene (C.M.H.) van Vliet Attorney at law/partner
Vincent (V.J.) Verhulst Vincent (V.J.) Verhulst Attorney at law
Sandra (S.L.A.) Verburgt Sandra (S.L.A.) Verburgt Attorney at law/partner
Marina (M.) Verberkmoes-Cota Marina (M.) Verberkmoes-Cota Attorney at law/partner
Melvin (M.) van Tiel Melvin (M.) van Tiel Attorney at law
Hendrik (H.) Sytema Hendrik (H.) Sytema Attorney at law/partner
Mariska (M.) Schreuders Mariska (M.) Schreuders Attorney at law
Bas (B.D.W.) Martens Bas (B.D.W.) Martens Attorney at law/managing partner
Thijs (M.B.) van Munster Thijs (M.B.) van Munster Attorney at law
Jeroen (J.S.) Maas Jeroen (J.S.) Maas Attorney at law/partner
Cindy (C.J.) Luiten Cindy (C.J.) Luiten Attorney at law
Vincent (V.E.) Loesberg Vincent (V.E.) Loesberg Attorney at law
Irene (I.) Kroezen Irene (I.) Kroezen Attorney at law
Alexandra (A.J.) Kievit Alexandra (A.J.) Kievit Attorney at law
Milan (M.) Karel Milan (M.) Karel Attorney at law
Jim (J.) Kaldenberg Jim (J.) Kaldenberg Attorney at law
Ivo (I.J.) Janssens Ivo (I.J.) Janssens Attorney at law/tax advisor/partner
Jeroen (J.J.) Hofland Jeroen (J.J.) Hofland Attorney at law
Janina (J.E.) Hamann Janina (J.E.) Hamann Attorney at law
Niels (N.) Genemans Niels (N.) Genemans Attorney at law
Petra (M.P.J.) Frederiks Petra (M.P.J.) Frederiks Attorney at law
Robbert (R.W.M.L.) Delissen Robbert (R.W.M.L.) Delissen Attorney at law/managing partner
Marc (M.J.E.L.) Delissen Marc (M.J.E.L.) Delissen Attorney at law/mediator/partner
Rik (F.J.B.) Buitenhuis Rik (F.J.B.) Buitenhuis Attorney at law
Petra (P.R.) Beishuizen Petra (P.R.) Beishuizen Attorney at law/mediator/partner
Michaël (M.J.) van Basten Batenburg Michaël (M.J.) van Basten Batenburg Attorney at law/partner

Of Counsel



Maria (M.C.) Barragan Maria (M.C.) Barragan Office coördinator
Dorine (D.R.) Falkenburg Dorine (D.R.) Falkenburg Office coördinator
Suzanne (S.A.A.) Hendrickx Suzanne (S.A.A.) Hendrickx Managing director
Petra (L.P.) Plug Petra (L.P.) Plug Office coördinator
Elsbeth (E.K.) de Witt Wijnen Elsbeth (E.K.) de Witt Wijnen Marketing & communication manager