Debt collection law

Every business owner has to deal with it sooner or later: invoices are not paid. And then you may already be too late. How can you - if payment is still not forthcoming - still collect the invoice, your costs and interest? What costs and interest can I charge?

What can our debt collection lawyers do for you?

The collection of monetary debts is more topical than ever. An adequate collection procedure is therefore now essential. To draw up a good debt collection policy, engage one of our debt collection lawyers. Together with you, we will draw up an action plan and reach clear and concise financial agreements.

Where we can support you

You can come to us for legal collection advice with unpaid debts:

  • On both entrepreneurs and private individuals
  • Whether you are a one-man business, a multinational or an individual
  • If you are being sued yourself and if unjustified collection and other costs are being charged
  • A collection process starts with the offer, order confirmation and/or contract in which agreements are laid down.

Our lawyers are based in The Hague

Are you looking for a debt collection lawyer? You are welcome to come to our office in The Hague. Our collection law attorneys have the right knowledge and expertise to assist you. Although our office is located in The Hague, we operate throughout the Netherlands.

Need legal support?

For more information, please contact Olivier van Hardenbroek or someone else from the collection law team. They will be happy to assist you.

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