Debt Collection Law

Debt recovery specialist for an adequate debt recovery policy

All entrepreneurs will have to deal with it sooner or later: unpaid invoices. And you may be too late already. How can you – in case of non-payment – still collect the invoice, your costs and interest? Which costs and interest may I charge?

The recovery of outstanding invoices has become more relevant than ever. These days an adequate debt recovery policy is of great importance. Delissen Martens looks forward to assisting you in such matters. In close cooperation with you, we will draw up a plan of action and a clear and competitive financial picture.
We are able to provide assistance:

  • Against businesses as well as private individuals
  • Whether your company is a sole proprietorship or a multinational
  • And when you yourself are being confronted with debt collection measures

A debt collection process commences when an offer is made, an order is confirmed and/or a contract is concluded in which agreements are laid down.

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