Neighbour law

What is neighbour law?

Neighbour law refers to all laws and regulations that regulate powers and obligations between neighbours. For example, neighbour law regulates how neighbours should behave towards each other and towards each other's property. Despite the rules of neighbour law, disputes can still arise between neighbours. These range from disputes over the property boundary, the property division, overbuilding and drainage to disputes over planting and/or windows within two metres of the property boundary.

What can our neighbour lawyers do for you?

Delissen Martens has specialist knowledge in the field of neighbour law. Our neighbour law lawyers advise and litigate on all facets of neighbour law. No matter how good the mutual relationship between neighbours may have been at any time, a dispute can always arise. Delissen Martens assists you in reaching a good solution. In practice, such a solution often consists of reaching a compromise. However, if it is necessary to litigate, our neighbour law lawyers litigate both in court and (where possible) in the district or regulatory courts.

Our expertise

  • Inheritance easements;
  • Inheritance boundary issues;
  • (Mandelige) easements;
  • Prescription
  • Overbuilding
  • Unlawful nuisance
  • Ladder law

Our lawyers are based in The Hague

Are you looking for a contract law lawyer? You are welcome to come to our office in The Hague. Our contract law lawyers have the right knowledge and expertise to assist you. Although our office is located in The Hague, we operate throughout the Netherlands.

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Do you have questions about Neighbourhood Law? Or do you need a Neighbourhood Law lawyer? Please contact us: + 31 70 311 54 11or An initial telephone consultation is always free of charge.

Team Neighbour law

Linda (L.) van der Knaap

Linda (L.) van der Knaap

Attorney at law

Robin (R.D.) Kersbergen

Robin (R.D.) Kersbergen

Attorney at law

Any questions about burenrecht?
Please contact Linda (L.) van der Knaap
Any questions about burenrecht?
Please contact Robin (R.D.) Kersbergen

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