Flight delay claims

Is your flight delayed or cancelled? Were you unable to board your flight because it was overbooked? Were you denied boarding on a flight?

Right to compensation

In the event of a cancelled or delayed flight, an overbooking or being denied boarding a flight, passengers are entitled to compensation when upon arrival at their final destination the flight was delayed for more than  three hours. The amount of the compensation depends on the distance of the flight:

Flight destinations within the EU

Up to 1,500 km  € 250 --
>      1,500 km  € 400.--


Flight destinations outside the EU

Up to 1,500 km € 250.--
From 1,500 to 3,500 km € 400.--
> 3,500 km           € 600.--


To determine the amount of the compensation in case of delay, the arrival time of the confirmed reservation is compared with the actual arrival time.

Furthermore, the flight must be carried out by an airline company from the European Union if you are departing from a country outside the EU to an airport located in the EU or the flight must depart from an airport located in the EU.

What can our lawyers do for you?

Airline companies can reject a claim on the basis of extraordinary circumstances. If a flight is delayed due to an extraordinary circumstance, the right to compensation lapses. It is considered as an extraordinary circumstance if the airline company is able to prove that it is not responsible for the delay and that it has made every effort to depart and arrive at the scheduled time. Extremely bad weather conditions and an unannounced strike are two examples of an extraordinary circumstance.

Extraordinary circumstances are rare, so it is worthwhile to put the matter of a rejection of your claim to one of our lawyers, so that they can assess the rejection for you and can advise you in more detail.

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