Administrative law

Has an application for a permit been denied or a permit withdrawn? Is the closure of your business imminent? How can you accomplish a zoning plan change? Do you intend to file a complaint with the national, the municipal or the provincial government? Do you intend to raise objections to a government decision? Any dispute arising between a citizen and the government, regardless of whether it concerns a municipal, provincial or national government, is governed by administrative law.

What can our administrative lawyers do for you?

Delissen Martens has administrative law specialists who not only have considerable experience in conducting legal proceedings, but also render advice to clients in the preliminary administrative law process in order to prevent conflicts from occurring.

Where we can support you

  • Supervision and enforcement
  • Civil Service Law
  • Environmental law
    - Spatial planning
    - Nature protection and environmental law
  • Grants
  • Migration law
  • Government contracting

Our lawyers are based in The Hague

Are you looking for a liability law lawyer? You are welcome to come to our office in The Hague. Our administrative lawyers have the right knowledge and expertise to assist you. Although our office is located in The Hague, we operate throughout the Netherlands.

Need legal support?

For more information, please contact Jeroen Maas or someone from the administrative law team. They will be happy to assist you.

Team Administrative law

Jeroen (J.S.) Maas

Jeroen (J.S.) Maas

Attorney at law/partner

Mirthe Fukur

Mirthe (M.) Fukur


Nuray (N.)  Koyak

Nuray (N.) Koyak


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Please contact Jeroen (J.S.) Maas

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