Administrative Law

Administrative lawyers with litigation experience

Is an application for a permit denied or is a permit withdrawn? Is a closure of your business imminent? How can you accomplish a zoning plan change? Do you intend to file a complaint with the national, the municipal or the provincial government? Do you intend to raise objections to a government decision? Any dispute arising between a citizen and the government, regardless of whether it concerns the municipal, provincial or national government, is governed by administrative law.

What can our administrative lawyers do for you?

Delissen Martens has administrative law specialists who not only have considerable experience in conducting legal proceedings, but they also render advice to clients in the preliminary administrative law process in order to avoid conflicts as much as possible.

We can help you with any questions concerning:

  • Zoning plans and integrated environmental permits

  • Subsidies

  • Spatial planning

  • Administrative penalties, administrative coercion and enforcement

  • Social security law:  Invalidity Insurance Act (WAO),  Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act (WIA), Unemployment Insurance Act (WW), Sickness Benefits Act (ZW), Invalidity Insurance (Young Disabled Persons) Act (WAJONG), Participation Act

  • Public service law

  • Migration law

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