Jeroen (J.S.) Maas

Attorney at law/partner

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With more than 21 years of experience in the field of migration law and extensive knowledge of administrative law, Jeroen advises companies, individuals and (semi-)public authorities on issues of administrative and migration law. For instance, he assists companies with applications in the field of knowledge and labour migration and advises individuals on issues concerning (EU) family migration.


In his approach, he always tries to find the right solution to a legal conflict. "As a lawyer, I am always looking for the actual solution to the problem. I often look at the higher interest. The solution cannot always be achieved through a fight or dispute. I also try to make the client aware of this. Fighting for the principle sounds nice, but the price is often higher than the return."

In addition, Jeroen advises lawyers (law firms) and other professionals at home and abroad on complex migration law issues, for example on cross-border family law issues or international corporate structures. Where necessary, Jeroen litigates on the refusal or revocation of residence permits. Clients can also turn to Jeroen for assistance on various issues where interests clash with those of the government: fines, permits and subsidies.

Areas of expertise

Migration law

  • Knowledge and labour migration
  • Diplomats and staff at international organisations
  • Family reunification (including MVV applications)
  • EU (family) migration (including 'Chavez-Vilchez' cases)
  • Dutch citizenship and nationality
  • Administrative law

Administrative law

  • Enforcement and administrative fines
  • Grants
  • Licences in the hospitality sector (operating licences, Bibob cases, etc.)

This website has been set up for information on family reunification.

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University of Leiden, 2001

Professional association

  • Board member Specialist Association of Migration Lawyers (SVMA)
  • Working Group on Legal Aid in Immigration (WRV


English, Dutch