Are your employees aware of the procedures and protocols that apply in your office organisation? Is your office compliant with the rules? Are you well prepared for a visit from the Dean of the Bar Association?

The former Dean of The Hague Bar Association, Bas Martens, has founded Advius which provides management advice to lawyers and law firms. He works together with Suzanne Hendrickx of SHE Legal. Martens and Hendrickx give courses on the rules and regulations of the Netherlands Bar Association, risk management, disciplinary law, money-laundering rules (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act) and the Personal Data Protection Act. In monitoring processes, they check the compliance of a law firm with the regulations pertaining to business guidance for classical law firms or to 'Cohen firms'. The services comprise the streamlining of the organisation, preparations for a visit by a Dean, an exit plan of a partner, or a general modernisation of the office and the organisation.

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