Cindy (C.J.) Luiten

Attorney at law

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Cindy has been employed as a lawyer at Delissen Martens since 1 July 2020. She is particularly engaged in cases in the area of tenancy and property law, neighbours’ statutory rights and obligations and the law of contracts.

Her personal drive is based on her fascination for the law in combination with a strong sense of justice. “Already from an early age I was fascinated by the law and the injustice suffered by some people, and that is how my interest for the law profession arose. My grandfather therefore always said that I should become a lawyer. Furthermore, I find fulfilment from sorting out interesting issues.”

How does Cindy proceed? Her attitude is to assist people in the best possible way. “I approach cases firmly, resolutely and I adopt an active approach together with the client.” She also thinks it important to communicate in an open and honest manner. “I guide my clients through all the steps of the process. Clients often like to hear what you are doing, so I therefore always try to inform them in the best way possible.”


Cindy in three words

Honest, communicative, resolute

Curriculum of Cindy


  • Leiden University, 2017