France-Sophie (F.S.) Bellekom

Attorney at law

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France-Sophie Bellekom completed her bachelor’s in criminal law at the University of Amsterdam in 2011. Later that year, she also completed her master's degree in private law. After a student internship at our office, she started working as a lawyer in the criminal law and personal injury section in 2012.


In 2014 France-Sophie was sworn in as a lawyer and handled criminal cases, personal injury cases and disciplinary cases. As a senior lawyer, her focus is now on handling personal injury cases, both in negotiation processes and in legal proceedings. A large part of her practice consists of supporting and assisting veterans in the settlement of their residual damage against the Ministry of Defence. She also represents veterans in proceedings against the ABP and the UWV.


In her approach, she makes sure to be as accessible as possible, so that her clients feel safe and at ease. Every case is different and requires a different and therefore personal approach. She communicates in a straightforward and comprehensible manner when assisting her clients. She is committed to getting the most out of a case, while maintaining a realistic perspective of the possibilities.

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University of Amsterdam, 2011


English, French (native language) and Dutch