Criminal Law

Criminal lawyers for enterprises

In case your company is involved in criminal proceedings, we will be pleased to represent your interests. Delissen Martens has very experienced lawyers specializing in corporate criminal law and criminal tax law. We provide expert legal assistance to big companies in high-profile fraud and corruption cases, but we also advise and act as lawyers for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In big criminal cases we will put together a team of lawyers to contribute the legal, financial, economic and fiscal expertise necessary for your case.

Are you in doubt whether or not your company must take certain steps? We can make preventive criminal risk scans for you. We take responsibility for your legal concerns, so that you will be able to concentrate on your business operations.

We make preventive criminal risk scans for enterprises. In big criminal cases a team of lawyers is formed to cover every aspect of the proceedings. That way the necessary financial, economic and tax expertise will also be brought together. A criminal case can be won by proper preparation and by timing, not at the court hearing.

Criminal Law for private persons

The criminal lawyers of Delissen Martens work together with top experts to assess forensic evidence. 

Military criminal law

Military criminal law is a sub-specialty within criminal law. The criminal lawyers of Delissen Martens are among the few lawyers in the Netherlands with extensive experience in this area of law.

/ Team Criminal Law

Bas (B.D.W.) Martens

Bas (B.D.W.) Martens

Lawyer / partner / managing partner

Carene (C.M.H.) van Vliet

Carene (C.M.H.) van Vliet

Lawyer / partner

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