Jeroen (J.J.) Hofland

Attorney at law

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Jeroen entered the employment of Delissen Martens in 2019.

Specialist area of legal practice

He provides assistance to clients in divergent employment-law issues. As a lawyer he clearly specifies the issue, he is committed and has a practical attitude: “I always try to achieve the best possible result for my clients. In some cases this will be achieved by considering the possibilities in a practical and creative manner, whereas in other cases we will conduct legal proceedings in order to reach the best possible result. I will study the case and together with the client will decide what a case needs in order to realize the best outcome”.

What is the motivation that drives him as a lawyer?

He is motivated by his sense of justice. “Helping people who are stuck in every respect. It gives satisfaction to work on legally challenging cases and at the same time to be really able to help people along.”

His approach

Clients can expect an honest advice from Jeroen. “ From the very beginning I will make clear what is and what is not feasible. On the basis of that assessment I will decide together with the client which strategy we will form to reach the best possible result”.

Advice and recommendations of Jeroen are drawn up in a comprehensible form, whereby unnecessary legal jargon is avoided: “Clients are usually not interested in a detailed analysis of case law and legislative history, they want a clear advice and a practical approach. It is up to me to communicate complicated legal matters in a clear and simple manner.”


In 2018, Jeroen completed the master’s degree programme in employment law at Erasmus University. During his studies he has been active in various positions with the Westland legal advice centre and he has done an internship at the employmnet law practice group of a medium-sized Rotterdam law firm. After having completed his studies, Jeroen has been employed for some time as employment lawyer at a legal aid office.

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Jeroen characterized in three words

Committed, honest, practical

Curriculum of Jeroen


Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2018