Employment Law

The employment lawyers at Delissen Martens assist you and/or your company in taking full advantage of (commercial) opportunities and in limiting legal risks involved in employment law. We take a constructive approach to any issues you may have, guide the case or the project, act as sparring partner and regular lawyer, and we provide a full-service solution, where necessary.

What can our employment lawyers do for you?

We advise about all kinds of employment-law issues. For instance, we assist companies which are facing a reorganization, a merger or takeover. We take a constructive approach to any strategic-related matters and we monitor the interests of the company. Our employment-law team is at the same time available to assist with the practical implementation. In this connection, workers’ participation can play an important role, but the same applies for the individual employee, of course, for instance, in drawing up a (flexible) employment contract, a settlement agreement or redundancy arrangement. We also assist employers who are facing issues concerning collective bargaining agreements (CAO’s), health and safety in the workplace and privacy. Our team of employment lawyers has acquired extensive experience with directors (under the articles of association), individual dismissal issues, illness, occupational rehabilitation and issues concerning competition, assignment and secondment. Our team of employment lawyers has specialist knowledge on pension-related matters.

The working method of the employment lawyers at Delissen Martens is based on excellent legal knowledge and experience and is aimed at practical solutions. Apart from giving advice and carrying on negotiations, the lawyers conduct legal proceedings, if necessary. Our team of employment lawyers shares their know-how with you by way of newsletters and seminars.

Our team are expert in advising companies, government organisations, public servants and private clients and advises in areas such as:

  • Employment contracts

  • Occupational disability/illness

  • Dismissal

  • Director under the articles of association

  • Noncompetition and business relations clause

  • Reorganisation

  • Transfer of the undertaking

  • Employee participation

  • Collective bargaining agreement

  • Equal treatment/discrimination

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