Marouschka (J.L.G.) den Ouden


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Marouschka has been employed at Delissen Martens since July 2020. Companies as well as private persons can consult her for advice on divergent legal issues.

Marouschka is sympathetic. A quality which is very useful in her work as a legal expert. “I often have to deal with emotional clients. That’s why I find it important to take the emotional aspects of a dispute into consideration.”

In addition, Marouschka is also known for her open mind. “I always try to find the balance between listening carefully and being honest. I don’t keep my clients in suspense.” She is not only sympathetic and honest, but she is also an initiator who will quickly arrive at a good result. 

“To assist clients in the best possible way in order to be able to achieve the best possible result in every case. In addition, the dynamics and diversity within the law profession has a great appeal to me. I get many cases with a variety of issues, which makes the work interesting.”

After graduation, Marouschka has been employed as a university lecturer at the faculty of law of the Erasmus University. And she has been a staff member with HALT Bureau and she has lectured on criminal law and the law of criminal procedure at Leiden University, where she was also involved in the Moot Court programme. “Through my work experience I have learned to explain complex legal information in a simple manner. That simple and informal way of speaking makes it easier for clients to discuss subjects of a confidential nature with me. They feel quickly at ease with me and consider me a trusted person.”

Marouschka characterized in three words

 Sympathetic, open mind, enthusiastic

Curriculum of Marouschka


Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2018