Dr Ruud (R.P.) van den Dool

Tax advisor

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Ruud van den Dool has worked for many years as an external tax consultant for consultancy firms such as accountants, tax consultants, lawyers and civil-law notaries. He provides them with technical assistance in advising directors and major shareholders and their companies, but also if there is a difference of opinion with (former) clients about previously issued advice. For about 10 years he has also been involved as an advisor to a limited number of Dutch family businesses and high net worth individuals. For them he then functions for example as an external corporate tax consultant or as advisor to the family office. Examples of his work include opinions and advice on the dga, the way in which restructuring can take shape, business succession, but also, for example, on the design and feasibility of procedures with the tax authorities concerning his area of expertise. This mainly concerns the substantial interest scheme, fiscal profit determination, corporation tax, international tax law and business succession to children. These are also subjects on which he has published widely and has lectured and lectured to other advisors for many years.

Since 1991 he has been a lecturer at the Fiscal Economics Institute of Erasmus University Rotterdam. He taught the subjects Taxation of SMEs, Tax Assurance and Taxation of Multinational Companies. He currently confines himself to the latter subject and international and European tax law.

With his broad academic knowledge and experience in the field of income and corporate tax, but also with respect to International Tax Law, he is able to provide high quality advice and opinions, focused on the Director/Major Shareholder and his companies. Advice that is optimally tailored to the client's experience and that is drawn up and implemented in consultation with other advisors and experts.

/ Expertise

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Areas of practice


  • Ebbinge, Course Supervisor New Style, 2021
  • Dissertation Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2009
  • European Fiscal Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 1994Erasmus University Rotterdam, 1991


  • Dutch Association for Tax Science
  • Royal Dutch Society for Domestic Science
  • International Fiscal Association (IFA)
  • M&A platform The Hague

Additional positions

  • Member of the editorial board of the Kluwer Fiscal Business Law Magazine.
  • Connected to bureau vaktechniek SRA, a professional organization to which ca 380 accounting firms are affiliated.
  • Lecturer fiscal economics Master phase at the Erasmus University Rotterdam where he teaches the subjects "Taxation of multinational companies" and "International and European tax law".
  • Author "Compendium Vennootschapsbelasting", Deventer: Kluwer
  • Author FED Brochure "Valuation of obsolete shares for taxation" Deventer: Kluwer
  • Author Fiscale Monografie: Verhouding fiscale wetgeving en BV-recht (working title), Deventer: Kluwer.
  • Annotator Vakstudie Nieuws, Deventer: Kluwer
  • Lecturer various in-house and external (professional) training courses, for tax advisory organizations, RB, NBA/VERA, Kluwer, Postgraduate Education Tax Science, Nyenrode University
  • Author of a multitude of academic and more popular articles in the field of taxation of dga, very wealthy individual and corporate tax.


Dutch, English, German