Dr Ruud (R.P.) van den Dool

Tax advisor

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Ruud van den Dool started his career at the Fiscal Economic Institute of the Rotterdam Erasmus University. He has been an advisor of director/major shareholders, entrepreneurs and of companies operating on a national and an international level for a considerable time, but he also renders support to accountants and tax advisors with their tax-related work. He lectures and he also writes about these and related subjects, such as, for instance, about the concurrence of determination of profit for tax purposes and the accounting and reporting rules. His broad knowledge and experience in the field of income and corporation tax, but also about international tax law enables him to provide high-quality advice, tailored to director/major shareholders. This advice is linked up with the daily experience of the client in the best possible way and is drawn up and implemented together with other advisors and experts.  

/ Expertise

Areas of Practice


  • Erasmus University Rotterdam, 1991
  • European Tax Studies, Erasmus University, 1994
  • Dissertation, Erasmus University, 2009

Professional Association 

  • Koninklijke Vereniging voor Belastingwetenschap
  • International Fiscal Association (IFA)
  • Vereniging voor Belastingwetenschap
  • M&A platform The Hague

Additional positions

  • Bureau vaktechniek SRA (a network organisation of independent accountancy firms)
  • Lecturer for the master’s programme fiscal economics at the Rotterdam Erasmus University
  • Chief editor of Compendium Vennootschapsbelastng (compendium of corporation tax)
  • Permanent employee of Vakstudie Nieuws (reference work for tax consultants)
  • Lecturer at various professional training institutes, NBA/VERA, Kluwer, Postgraduate continuing university education on the tax system, Nyenrode University
  • Co-author SIRET review of the Netherlands tax system, member of the committee Totaalwinst Nederlandse Vereniging voor belastingwetenschap
  • Author of various articles and books such as 'Aandelenwaardering voor de belastingheffing’, 'Compendium Vennootschapsbelasting' and 'De fiscale positie van de dga'


English, Dutch, German