Tax advice and tax proceedings for corporate clients and private persons

In all stages of entrepreneurship – at the start, in case of expansion, termination, collaboration with other parties or a takeover – tax-related issues play an important role. What is the best possible structure or method of financing, for now or in the future, from a tax point of view?

Remuneration issues

Taxation is often a significant factor in remuneration issues of employees, such as the manner in which specific remuneration incentives and reimbursements are taxed both in national and international relationships. Is there a relationship of employment or not? In international relationships the issues concerning which country is entitled to impose a levy on certain benefits (for instance, the salary split) and the 30-per cent rule play an important role. The tax advisors of Delissen Martens, together with the employment lawyers of our law firm, advise both employers and employees about these matters.

Disputes with the Tax and Customs Administration

If you are confronted with a dispute with the Tax and Customs Administration about a tax assessment, it is advisable to be represented by a professional party which takes the procedural aspects as well as the substance of the issue into consideration. In many cases preference will be given to a solution by agreement with the Tax and Customs Administration. If it turns out that it is not possible to reach an agreement or if consultations fail to lead to the desired result, objection proceedings or, if necessary, appeal proceedings will be initiated for a reduction of the tax assessments. Delissen Martens can assist you with the agreement procedures as well as with objection proceedings and appeal proceedings.

Tax issues in your private life

Tax issues often play an important role also in the private life of employers and non-employers, as in the case of a divorce, business succession in the family or inheritance matters. In all these matters Delissen Martens can provide you with specific advice, whereby the tax aspects will be weighed against your personal requirements and circumstances. The tax advisors of Delissen Martens will work closely together with the family and inheritance lawyers.

What can our tax law experts do for you?

Tax law issues are in many cases closely connected with the issues in other legal areas. Therefore, we seek advice or try to find a solution which is appropriate within your company and/or your personal situation. The tax law experts at Delissen Martens therefore keep close contact with the experts in other legal areas.

You can consult us on the following matters:

  • Choice of legal form of the company

  • Business succession within (family) businesses

  • Tax aspects of commerce on an international level

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Reorganization and restructuring of companies

  • Management buyouts and management buy-ins

  • Tax remuneration policy for top managers and expats

  • Estate planning in relation to the company

  • Professional support of accountancy and administrative firms

  • Tax advice with employment-law issues

  • Consequences of a divorce and inheritance issues

  • Planning for tax purposes for entrepreneurs and private persons

  • Director and principal shareholder and self-administered pension

  • Conducting objection proceedings and appeal proceedings

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Ivo (I.J.) Janssens

Ivo (I.J.) Janssens

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