Thijs (M.B.) van Munster

Attorney at law

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Thijs has been employed at Delissen Martens since 2017.

Specialty area

He specializes in Law of Obligations, Rent and Real Estate Law, Association of Owners Law and Liability Law. As a lawyer, he is a quick switch. "I can quickly analyze the legal problem and come to a practical solution."

His approach

Thijs is not only legally, but also socially strong. "I can make contact with people easily. This ensures that I can build a good relationship with clients and help them with their problems."

Reachability and honesty are his top priorities. "At the beginning, I immediately state what the client can expect and the ways in which the case can be handled. In addition, I make sure that my clients can always reach me if needed and that I help them as soon as possible."


Curriculum of Thijs


  • Criminal Law and Philosophy, Leiden University, 2012
  • Senior legal staff member at the District Court of The Hague


  • Vereniging Jonge Onroerend goed Juristen (VJOJ)


English, Dutch