A divorce has a far-reaching impact on your life and your family. In addition to sadness, anger and stress, numerous questions and uncertainties will arise. What is in the best interests of the children? How can I safeguard my financial freedom?  What will happen to my income and built-up capital? Can I continue my company’s activities after the divorce? And how should I settle the matter?

What can our family lawyers do for you?

It is a reassuring thought that the lawyers of Delissen Martens specialising in family law provide advice on matters such as the divorce proceedings, the children and child support, financial security, parenting plans, responsibilities for a child’s upbringing, a house, care duties, parental contact arrangements and maintenance for ex partner. Or on the possibility to separate via a collaborative divorce: divorcing without litigation in court, but with the assistance of one’s own lawyer. We also advise entrepreneurs and directors and principal shareholders on maintenance and everything related thereto. And we provide assistance in international divorce matters.

Our approach and the result

We prefer to be involved at an early stage, when the decision to get a divorce is not final yet and there might still be a basis for trust and security. 
Together with both partners we start a mediation process in search of the how and why of the divorce and we look whether it is possible to provide more clarity. So that people will not continue to have concerns and problems weighing on their mind. We also look into the possibilities of, for instance, a temporary separation and solutions in the longer term.

Is a final divorce inevitable? Our mediators or family lawyers will provide assistance with all additional questions, problems, joint responsibilities, for instance, for children and the built-up assets. Preferably by consultation and if that is not possible, through legal proceedings. In doing so together, we ensure that a divorce – how unpleasant as it may be – will still run smoothly.

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