Petra (M.P.J.) Frederiks

Attorney at law

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Petra Frederiks has worked as a family law lawyer at Delissen Martens since July 2018. She was sworn in as a lawyer in 2013 and has since specialised in family law. Since March 2020, Petra has also been active as a lawyer-mediator and is an aspiring member of the vFAS. Furthermore, she handles pension cases related to divorce.


She advises and litigates in respect of all aspects of personal and family law, including divorces, maintenance and access issues and inheritance law matters. Petra assists both individuals and entrepreneurs. Before joining Delissen Martens, Petra worked at a medium-sized law firm in Gouda and a small (family law) firm in The Hague. During her law studies, she worked as a student-assistant at the Juvenile Law department of Leiden University and - among other things as a board member - she devoted herself to the Children and Young Persons Legal Advice Centre Leiden.

Her approach

Petra is committed, driven and has a no-nonsense mentality, advising clients in clear language on the right approach to a case. In doing so, Petra does not lose sight of the best interests of the child. She always prefers to work towards a mutually agreed solution, but if necessary she does not shy away from legal proceedings either. She works in a structured way and gets to the bottom of things. Petra offers her clients a listening ear as well as advice and assistance in order to ultimately achieve the most desirable result for her clients. Her de-escalating attitude, sense of mutual relationships and decisiveness help her to achieve this.

/ Expertise


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 2013 


Dutch, English