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With more than 17 years experience in all kind of family law matters Sandra is a senior lawyer. She is in charge of the private clients and international relationships team, which provides specialised advice and advocacy on various practice areas to both international clients and professionals working for international clients. To this she works closely with Jeroen Maas, who is dealing with migrations issues at Delissen Martens. Her practice includes mainly divorces and financial relief (maintenance, divisions and prenuptial agreements), both contentious and non-contentious. Many of these disputes involve complex and financial aspects, often with an international element. Since 2007 Sandra also deals with cross border disputes. She works closely with accredited family law specialists all over the world. She advises her foreign colleagues frequently on Dutch Family Law issues. Further she has provided expert opinions in England and USA.


  • Collaborative Divorce Practitioner 2018
  • Specialist Mediation Course vFAS 2013
  • Specialist Accreditation Course vFAS 2007/2008
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 2000

Professional Associations

  • Dutch Association of Family Law Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS)
  • International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL)
  • Dutch Association of Collaborative Professionals (VvCP)

Additional Positions

  • Vice President Executive Committee International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL)
  • Vice President European Chapter International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL)


Sandra is co-author of the chapter on Private International law and Maintenance law in the explanatory commentary “SDU Commentaar Relatierecht” (SDU, April 2014) and the online equivalent of Dutch Legal Publisher SDU since 2012.

Furthermore she has written several publications in Dutch and English law journals:

  • UCERF-bundle, nr 12 2018, Schrama (red.) 'Brexit en de gevolgen voor het familierecht: Trekt de mist boven de Noordzee nog op?' p 63-86 (Dutch)
  • Guestblog Kingsley Napley (17 mei 2017) Brexit, Messy divorce or amicable settlement
  • 'Dossier Régime Matrimoniaux dans le monde (1re partie), Pays-Bas' in het Franse Familierecht Magazine AJ Famille (Dalloz, december 2017, p. 633-636).
  • 'Dossier Divorce dans le monde (1re partie), Pays Bas' in the French Family Law magazine AJ Famille (Dalloz, November 2015, p. 596-597)
  • 'Bevoegdheid, erkenning en tenuitvoerlegging onder Alimentatieverordening 4/2009' in the Dutch Family Law Magazine 'Relatierecht en Praktijk' (SDU, November 2012).
  • 'Marital Agreements: International lawyers neglect jurisdictional developments at their peril' in International Family Law (Jordans, September 2011)  
  • 'Double Dutch? – The relevance of Hague Conventions to Marital Contracts and Maintenance' in International Family Law (Jordans, June 2010)

Sandra is also a member of the editorial board of the IAML Online News, in which E-journal she publishes also frequently.


Sandra is serving on the Co-ordination Team of DM Academy, dealing with the operational control of DM Academy, the Training Establishment of Delissen Martens, certified by the Dutch Bar Organisation with effect of 1 January 2014. Sandra is also a trainer of DM Academy.

Furthermore she frequently lectures during conferences and symposia.  

  • IAFL Family Law Symposium, Tokyo 'Enforcement of Japanese divorce custody and child support orders abroad' (May 2018)
  • IAFL Open Conference on International Family Law, New York (April 2018)
  • The twelfth UCERF Symosium 'Current developments in family law' (22 March 2018)
  • IAFL International Family Law Conference (april 2017), waar zij deel nam aan een panel over “Common Law & Civil Law”  en een lezing gaf over “International Financial Support Issues”.
  • IAFL European Chapter Meeting (March 2017) in Lissabon, where she participated in a panel on “Maintenance methodology and formulas in the 21st century – is the role of the lawyer now redundant?”
  • IAFL European Chapter Meeting (May 2016) in Amsterdam and Den Haag (Conference Chair)
  • IAFL International Family Law Conference (April 2016), where she participated in a panel on 'Common Law & Civil Law'  and lectured on 'International Financial Support Issues'.
  • IAFL USA Chapter Meeting (February 2016) in Los Angeles, where she participated in a panel on 'Surrogacy – What you don’t know, you must learn!'.
  • IAML symposium 'Introduction to European Family Law' (November 2015) Berlijn, where she lectured on 'Are you being served?'.
  • IAML Surrogacy Symposium (May 2015) London, where she lectured on the latest developments on 'surrogacy in The Netherlands'.
  • IAML Annual Meeting 2014 in (September 2014) in Budapest, where she participated in a panel on 'same sex marriage around the world'.
  • IAML European Family Law Conference 'Families around borders' (June 2014) in Budapest, where she lectured on 'Financial aspects of breakdown of marriage and cohabitation'.
  • IAML European Chapter Meeting 2013 (May 2013) in Salzburg, where she participated in a panel on matrimonial property regimes in Europe. 
  • IAML European Chapter Meeting 2012 (April 2012) in Elounda, Crete (Greece), where she lectured together with English Family Law barrister Tim Amos QC on 'EU Maintenance Regulation: Minotaur or Magnifique?' and 'Marge and the Maintenance Regulation'. 


English, Dutch

Clients about Sandra

Working with Sandra has been a pleasure. She dealt with the matter quickly and clearly.

Great service - very efficient and thorough.

I always find working with Sandra a delight. She is thoughtful, responsive, client focussed and clear in her analysis and advice.

We had the best experience working with Advocaat Sandra Verburgt and her team/peers of experts and administrators.