Petra (P.R.) Beishuizen

Attorney at law/mediator/partner

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Speciality area

Petra specialises in family law and mediation. As a mediator, she has acquired ample experience with relationship problems, intervision and the personal interests of those behind the issue.

Petra gives advice to entrepreneurs and independent professionals concerning the settlement of their complex financial and legal matters. She also has a coaching and facilitating role. She ensures that relationships are restored and provides people with new avenues to resolve disputes. The conflicts with which she deals may concern a divorce, or a partnership conflict, an inheritance or an internal dispute within the organisation.

Her approach 

She applies an integrative approach, holistic law, which means that the entirety of the problem is assessed, rather than just the legal part, that the whole person is taken into consideration with all of his or her emotions and experiences in relation to the conflict in question. Petra takes care of the interests of children who have become involved in divorce problems, she listens to them and provides them with the opportunity to express themselves.

Her objective is to help people to get on with their life, to build bridges and to protect relationships.

Petra is founder of the Holistic Practice Hub and one of the founders of 'Het Scheidingscafe', established in 2011.

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  • EFT for Mediators, Foundation EFT Netherlands, 2020
  • VFas Mediation and Matrimonial Property Law, 2000
  • University of Utrecht, 1994
  • Collaborative Divorce Practitioner
  • Dialogue coach training (NLP/Systemic)


  • Dutch Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS)
  • Netherlands Mediation Institute (NMI)
  • The Netherlands Institute of Psychologists (NIP)
  • Collaborative lawyer from the Association Collaborative Divorce Holland (VvCP)
  • International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL)

Additional positions

  • Certified mediator NMI (vFAS)
  • Lecturer at The Dutch Bar Association (NOvA)
  • Co-founder of 'Het Scheidingscafé'
  • Intervision coach


Enlgish, French, Dutch


  • Henry Brown lecture, DR Conference 2016 (Resolution Family Law UK)
  • The LOvE-Code (2014)
  • Lecture 'the LOvE Code' Utrecht University (2014)
  • Co-author of 'aan alle gescheiden ouders'