Mediation in case of conflicts for companies and private persons

Conflicts are inevitable. Delissen Martens believes in the power of Mediation. In the presence of an independent mediator, the parties discuss their conflict with each other and search for an optimal solution. This does not involve the court. So you save time, money and energy.

Mediators in family law, in business conflicts, in industrial conflicts/labour disputes and in sports-related conflicts

Divorce mediation? Mediation in case of an industrial conflict/labour dispute or business conflict? Delissen Martens has mediators practising in all areas of law. Our mediators are all members of the Mediators Federation Netherlands (MfN) or of the Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS).

/ Team Mediation

Marc (M.J.E.L.) Delissen

Marc (M.J.E.L.) Delissen

Lawyer / partner / mediator

Petra (P.R.) Beishuizen

Petra (P.R.) Beishuizen

Lawyer / mediator / partner

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