Migration law

Migration law is also known as 'aliens law', or the right to reside in the Netherlands. This includes admission to the Netherlands, residence and (eventually) naturalisation as a Dutch citizen. This includes issues such as family reunification, labour migration, renewal and revocation of a residence permit, etc.

What can our migration lawyers do for you?

The lawyers in Delissen Martens' Migration Law practice group have been regarded as authorities on migration law for many years. They advise individuals, companies and (semi-)government bodies on the rules for residence in the Netherlands. Because of years of experience in this field, the lawyers of the Migration Law section can quickly oversee the issue and provide tailor-made advice. We think along with the client and look at the full picture.

Where we can support you

  • Knowledge and labour migration
  • Residence for entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • Family reunification
  • Residence with a Dutch child ('Chavez-Vilchez')
  • Renewal and modification of a residence permit
  • Objections and appeals
  • International employment and diplomacy (privileged persons)
  • European (migration) law
  • Naturalisation

Our lawyers are based in The Hague

Are you looking for a migration law lawyer? You are most welcome to visit our office in The Hague. Our migration lawyers have the right knowledge and expertise to assist you. Although our office is located in The Hague, we operate throughout the Netherlands.

Need legal support?

For more information, please contact Jeroen Maas, Annieke Lensen or someone from our migration team. They will be happy to assist you.

Team Migration law

Jeroen (J.S.) Maas

Jeroen (J.S.) Maas

Attorney at law/partner

Michaël (M.J.) van Basten Batenburg

Michaël (M.J.) van Basten Batenburg

Attorney at law/partner

Mirthe Fukur

Mirthe (M.) Fukur


Nuray Koyak

Nuray (N.) Koyak


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