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Limitless involvement in residence issues

The world is getting smaller and smaller, borders are disappearing. People and businesses focus less and less on a specific country. Many Dutchmen take up residence in other countries and at the same time more and more companies, international organisations and employees come to the Netherlands. Sometimes only to execute a project, but often it concerns a residence for several years.

Migration law in the Netherlands is increasingly governed by international regulations, conventions and EU directives. It is therefore important to take due account of all the regulations which may apply to issues concerning residence in the Netherlands, since the international rules often provide (many) more opportunities for a stay in the Netherlands compared to the Dutch Aliens Act.

Migration lawyers

For many years, the lawyers of the Migration law practice group at Delissen Martens have been regarded as authorities in the field of migration law. They advise private persons, enterprises, governments and semipublic bodies on the rules and regulations regarding residence in the Netherlands. Well advised is half done. An action plan for the course to be taken is made in consultation with the client. Based on the many years of experience in this field, the lawyers of the Migration law practice group are able to quickly assess the issue and to provide tailor-made advice, taking the applicable international rules and regulations, if any, into consideration.

We take a constructive approach together with the client and we look at the full picture. We assist enterprises with making strategic choices and we make the process easier for private clients. A seemingly simple application can still cause much stress and we are pleased to be able to relieve the client of such concern. We also point out to the client to be alert to pitfalls. We try as far as possible to charge fixed rates for rendering advice and the submission of applications. If necessary, we can also conduct legal proceedings in residence status issues. Whether it concerns a rejection of an application for a residence permit or a cancellation thereof, we step into the breach. We may be able to conduct these proceedings on the basis of legal aid.

Our Migration lawyers provide advice and litigate in the following areas:

  • Knowledge migration and labour migration

  • Entrepreneurs, start-ups and investors

  • Family reunification and family formation

  • Extension/cancellation of residence permits

  • Short-stay visa

  • International employment and diplomatic service

  • European (migration) law

  • Applications for asylum

  • Naturalization

/ Team Migration Law

Jeroen (J.S.) Maas

Jeroen (J.S.) Maas

Attorney at law / partner

Janina (J.E.) Hamann

Janina (J.E.) Hamann

Attorney at law

Michaël (M.J.) van Basten Batenburg

Michaël (M.J.) van Basten Batenburg

Attorney at law / partner

Any questions about Migration Law?
Please contact Jeroen (J.S.) Maas
Any questions about Migration Law?
Please contact Wendy (W.) Epema

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