When it comes to issues relating to pension arrangements, many employers and employees give up. Pension arrangements are regarded as a complex system and that's why people prefer not to address the subject (yet). Many employers and employees wrongly assume that 'everything is (well) organised and provided for'. As a result, pension law is often neglected, while the interests involved can be substantial. Whether it concerns the arrangement of pension schemes in the event of a merger or takeover or (the settlement of) pension rights in case of dismissal, obtaining expert advice in this field can save considerable amounts of money (for you as an employer) as well as generate considerable amounts of money (for you as an employee). We can provide you with clear advice and a practical approach to pension-related matters.

Here are some of the areas you may need to deal with in pension law:

  • Amendments to the pension scheme

  • Pension administration agreements

  • Disputes arising in connection with the scope of application

  • Value transfer

  • Merger and takeover

  • Pension contributions

  • Flexibility options

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Petra (M.P.J.) Frederiks

Petra (M.P.J.) Frederiks

Attorney at law

Petra (P.R.) Beishuizen

Petra (P.R.) Beishuizen

Attorney at law/mediator/partner

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