Jim (J.) Kaldenberg

Attorney at law

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Jim has been employed at Delissen Martens since 2009.


Jim is experienced in the area op pension law. He provides advise and litigates on the following pension issues (and others):

  • disputes about scopes of operation with compulsory sectoral pension funds
  • changes to pension agreements and pension plans
  • pension aspects on mergers and takeovers (due diligence)
  • exemption from compulsory membership
  • disputes about administration agreements
  • disputes concerning pension premium and recovery
  • directors’ and officers’ liability
  • equal treatment
  • issues about incapacity for work and pension
  • collective value transfers of pensions

Jim successfully completed the Pension Law post-master’s course at the VU Law Academy (Vrije Universiteit) in 2019, which granted him the Certified Pension Lawyer (CPL) status. Jim is also an active member of various professional associations and regular contributor to law journals.

His approach

His advice is practical, tailored and to the point. "When I write an advice, I think carefully about how I myself would like to be advised: clear language, a concrete answer to the question and a solution. As a result, my advice is useful and actually provides a solution to the problem."

In addition, Jim is a go-getter who goes for the best result. And that is reflected in everything he does. "If I have a goal in mind, then I go for it full force. That might be, for example, an opinion or coming up with a solution and, if I have to, litigation. I don't give up easily."