Melvin (M.) van Tiel

Attorney at law

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Melvin has been employed at Delissen Martens since 2017.

Specialist area of legal practice

He is a member of the cassation practice group and is principally engaged in cases for the Supreme Court in the area of the law of obligations, liability law and procedural law.

What is the motivation that drives him as a lawyer?

Melvin is a lawyer with a matter-of-fact attitude and he is committed to represent and help his clients. His strength lies in the analytical part of his work. Melvin is competitive by nature and his drive lies in analysing a case and working towards a solution, both in court and out of court: “I have always been interested in the analytical part of the law profession. In legal proceedings, of course, you always want to find the argument that will cause a case to turn or by which you are able to induce the other party to a settlement. At the same time you need to anticipate the arguments of the other party. I like that game of chess.”

His approach

On the basis of the combination of his analytical ability and his solution-oriented attitude, he will get to the heart of the legal problem quickly. In addition, Melvin does not only devote attention to the legal content, but also to follow-up care: “As a lawyer I am committed to my clients. I do not restrict myself to the legal issue. For instance, I also advise my clients how they can avoid similar disputes in the future. Clients appreciate that.”

Melvin characterized in three words

Committed, analytical, solution-oriented

Curriculum of Melvin


Leiden University, 2014


English, Dutch

Professional Association

Vereniging Jonge Procesadvocaten