Providing advice, conducting legal proceedings or mediation

Lawyers with litigation experience

If you have a dispute with another party and you are unable to resolve the matter together, it may be advisable to submit the dispute to a court.
We will work with you to analyse the options available for resolving the matter in advance.. We do so by way of an expert opinion/advice, by consultation, mediation or legal proceedings. We are specialised in conducting legal proceedings before the court of first instance, the court of appeal and the court of cassation.
The work of all of our lawyers, without exception, is of a high quality. Many of them teach training courses to fellow lawyers.

Lawyers with international litigation experience

What to do when a debtor who is established abroad fails to pay your invoices? Have you sustained a loss and/or damage abroad? Has a company without a registered office or branch in the Netherlands caused damage to you or your company? Have you been delayed (for more than three hours) during a flight? Have you concluded a cross-border agreement about which there is a lack of clarity? Family-law proceedings about parental contact arrangements, the division of matrimonial property and maintenance, and employment-law proceedings where one or both parties is residing or has its corporate domicile abroad, may be international in nature.

What can our International Litigation Lawyers do for you?

We prefer to discuss the case with you in person. If possible, we assess the case on the basis of documents available to you. If your case includes a cross-border component, we will put this matter to you and will discuss the various options with you. Depending on the answer to the question as to where the loss and/or damage arose and/or where the parties are domiciled, the case either can or cannot be brought before a Dutch court. If the dispute can be brought before a Dutch court and can be settled in accordance with Dutch law, we will take up your case.

In the event that the case needs to be settled abroad, our lawyers can refer you to other law firms or engage the assistance of friendly foreign lawyers. If you so wish, we can refer you to a foreign law firm known to us. We will continue to monitor the case and will help out when Dutch law or the Dutch courts become involved.

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