Delissen Martens has entered into an alliance with the Stichting Achmea Rechtsbijstand (Achmea Legal Assistance Foundation)


KIVI offers its members legal assistance for engineers provided by Delissen Martens

The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers  (KIVI)

The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI) is the professional association of engineers in the Netherlands. KIVI gives engineers the opportunity to stand out and distinguish themselves in their professional field. Via our platform, we connect inspired talents and stimulate 'cross-pollination', which does not only happen within and between the various subject disciplines, but also with society at large. KIVI is strongly focused on the personal development of engineers, by way of, among other things, the prestigious and internationally recognised Chartership title in professional qualification



Delissen Martens has entered into an alliance with SRK Rechtsbijstand


Since 1994, the lawyers at Delissen Martens have maintained strong relationships with the ACOM, the Union for Defence Personnel. We have acted as a lawyer for members of the ACOM in numerous military criminal proceedings such as major drug-related cases at Seedorf camp, the sexual abuse case at Ermelo, the Hercules disaster, guard duty offences in the former Yugoslavia and shooting incidents in Afghanistan and Iraq.