Delissen Martens forest

The Delissen Martens forest

Investing together in a cooler climate

As a law firm, we are at the centre of society and fulfil a social role. One of the issues here is investing in a cooler climate. By making parched land green and fertile, we can cool the planet. Africa is the continent with the greatest recovery potential.

15 Year Anniversary

On the occasion of our 15th anniversary, we want to contribute to the very best gift for everyone: a healthy planet! How? By planting trees in Africa, to green the planet again and create the 100% sustainable DM forest. We are doing this together with Justdiggit in the following way:

  • In the month of July, for every invoice that goes out, we donate a tree to the DM forest.
  • Every employee of Delissen Martens receives 3 saplings as a gift with which the DM forest grows.


Delissen Martens wholeheartedly supports the approach of Justdiggit. This organisation is committed to restoring ecosystems and combating climate change. Together with local partners and communities, Justdiggit sets up large-scale greening projects in Africa. Among other things, by bringing back trees. Trees increase biodiversity, because countless plants and animals depend on forests. And they contribute to healthy living conditions, because thanks to trees there is oxygen, clean air, water and food.

Impact on climate

Through this page, we will keep you informed about the growth of our DM forest and the increasing impact that all trees together will make:

Number of trees

Co2 included

Water retention


14.688 kg

2.097,63 m3

(Last updated: 19 January 2024)