Litigation funding

Delissen Martens is the preferred partner of Liesker Procesfinanciering

Preferred-partner-logo-143x167Preferred-partner-logo-143x167Conducting legal proceedings can be a long and costly matter. For clients who are not or no longer willing or able to bear those costs, litigation funding might be a solution. A provider of litigation funding can take over all of the costs involved in the legal action from you, in exchange for a share of the proceeds if the lawsuit is successful. If the lawsuit is unsuccessful, you will not be asked for payment of any kind.
This way, you can conduct legal proceedings without there being any financial risk involved.

Delissen Martens is the preferred partner of Liesker Procesfinanciering, the Dutch market leader in litigation funding. We are familiar with the people and the working methods of this provider of litigation funding and we can lead you swiftly though the procedure of submitting a litigation application. Contact us for more details.