The rights of Dutch citizens living in the UK

The British government has reassured that the EU citizens are allowed to stay in the United Kingdom after the withdrawal. If these citizens want to stay in the United Kingdom after the 31st of December 2020 it is necessary that they apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to obtain a British immigration status. This can either be a Settled Status or a Pre-settled Status. Those who already acquired a permanent residence permit under former rules also need to apply for this new residence permit.

EU-citizens who are residing in the United Kingdom on the Brexit date and are living in the UK for five consecutive years will be able to apply for a Settled Status. With a Settled Status citizens can stay in the United Kingdom for an indefinite period of time.

EU-citizens who did not stay in the UK for five consecutive years can only apply for Pre-settled Status. With this permit another five year stay will be granted. When the requirement of five years consecutive stay in the Netherlands is met, the Pre-settled Status can be exchanged for a Settled Status.

Both the Settled Status as the Pre-settled Status will give EU citizens also the right to work, study and use the National Health System in the United Kingdom. These citizens can also claim government facilities such as benefits and pensions.

From 2021 the new border and immigration system will be in force in the United Kingdom. From that moment the EU citizens will be checked upon their status by employers e.g., but this does not work retroactively.

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