Janina (J.E.) Hamann

Attorney at law

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Since 2010, Janina Hamann has been employed in the administrative law practice group
with the focus on environmental and building law. She is in particular engaged in matters
between the authorities and businesses. Since 11 January 2019, Janina has also been
admitted to the bar in Germany as Rechtsanwältin.

Providing advice to persons embroiled in legal disputes is her underlying drive. She is pleased to be able to assist clients in finding solutions and keeps them informed and involved in the process.

Emphatic, solution-oriented, competitive and persistent, these are the character traits of
Janina as a person and as a lawyer. “When a person’s rights are threatened, it affects me. I can’t bear injustice.”

She prefers creative solutions and has a competitive attitude. “People often ask for advice for problems for which there is no standard solution. In that case you have to think differently, outside the box, which I like very much. In addition, I always make an effort to achieve the best possible result in a case. I will not give up easily.”

Janina characterized in three words

Empathetic, creative, versatile

Curriculum of Janina


Professional Associations

  • Association for Administrative law (VAR)
  • Dutch section of the International Commission of Jurists (NJCM)  
  • Working Group on Legal Aid in Immigration (WRV
  • Association for Civil Servants and Law (VA&R
  • German-Dutch lawyer association (DNRV)  
  • Junior Chamber International (JCI)  
  • Deutsch-Niederländische Handelskammer Young Professionals (DNHK Young Professionals)


English, Dutch, German